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Our pathways are the ways you can join in the mission of Black Girls Gather.

     The pathways are designed by Black Girls for Black Girls and center

                                     Black Girls Magic and brilliance! 

Graduate to Employment

Starting Spring 2023, unemployed and underemployed new Black women graduates can apply to our Graduate to Employment Pathway. This program creates opportunities for new graduates to enter the workforce. 


Learn more about this pathway by clicking the arrow below


Entrepreneurship Pathway

Our Entrepreneurship pathway is a space for Black women to tap into the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to either launch a business idea or grow an existing business/side hustle into a profitable and sustainable one. 

We partner with community organizations to ensure that participants receive culturally relevant, hands-on access to best practices in business to ensure intergenerational economic success. 


Community Care

Our Community Care Pathway provides a safe space for Black women to explore identity, impacts of systemic inequities, individual and collective wellness and wealth building.


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