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Black Girls Gather is on a mission to foster entrepreneurship, business and personal financial literacy among young, black women entrepreneurs in the Maritimes.


This year’s theme “Launch It and Grow It!” aims to provide participants the tools, resources and networks they need to turn hide hustles into successful start-ups and small businesses the tools they need to attain sustainable , debt-free growth.

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About the Entrepreneurship Pathway

Who this pathway is for:

Young black women who are ready to take the next step in starting a business or growing their business.


Theme for 2023:

Launch It and Grow It!  

Our Objective:

A free 12-week program that equips young black women with the skills and tools to launch their idea into a viable business or to scale their existing business into a profitable, debt-free one. 

Topics Covered:

Some of the topics explored in the program includes:

- Registering your business

- Financial management for your business 

- Hiring and building a team

- Leveraging networks to grow your clientele

- Marketing and branding 

- Pricing

...and so much more!


This program is mostly offered virtually to accomodate all participants in Atlantic Canada. However, our closing ceremony will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In order to participate you’ll need access to a computer, and internet. If this is a barrier, please let us know and supports will be put in place to remove this barrier and ensure your full participation. Priority will be given to applicants in the Atlantic Region.


Applications for Winter 2023 cohort is now opened


Kiarah Seon

“BGG creates a nurturing environment, where being a women and being black, is celebrated and embraced. There are many moving parts, when it comes to building a business and BGG creates a straight-forward, comprehensive path. The programs components bring clarity, where there’s confusion. This experience was highly transforming, for personal and professional development. I not only progressed through my business plans, but I was motivated and encouraged. Networking with strong, intelligent and ambitious business women, brought me joy, knowledge and hope for my own professional endeavors. I would certainly recommend BGG, to any aspiring female entrepreneur, it is a worthwhile experience. I look forward to participating in the other programs, BGG has to offer! Thank you all!” 


Tara Taylor

“Extremely thankful for being introduced to this program. I take away a new level of confidence, pride in even owning a business, owning multiple businesses and knowing I have this networking of capable, inspirational and intelligent black women to turn to when I need them. I also take away different and more efficient ways to carry out my business activities.”


Karen Zishiri

“I thoroughly enjoyed this program. I didn’t have any idea, as to what the program would be like. In the end, I am so glad I got to apart of this highly transforming experience. Meeting other strong, business minded women, brought me joy, knowledge and hope for my own professional endeavours.”

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