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Graduate to Employment Program

Black Girls Gather’s Graduate to Employment Program is a four-month program that matches Black women graduates with mentors in Atlantic Canada.

Using a combination of formal support and an expectation for participant-driven engagement, the program offers connections for career growth, professional development via one-on-one support, and increased confidence in both participants and mentors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The program works to strengthen relationships, promote a culture of enhanced employee engagement and inclusion, and create learning opportunities for Black women graduates early in their careers. 



What does the Mentorship Program look like?

  • This is a four-month program that will connect new Black women graduates and mentees in a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship. 

  • Using a combination of formal support and an expectation for participant-driven engagement, the Program offers connections for career growth, personalizes professional development via one-to-one support, and improves confidence in both mentors and mentees.

  • Black Girls Gather will support these relationships through resources, tools, and training throughout the Program. As part of the program Black Girls Gather will organize orientation sessions for mentors and mentees, regular check ins, and invitations to participate in professional development opportunities.


What does it mean to be a mentor?

A mentor is someone who can:

  • provide their mentee with advice and guidance.

  • share their experiences, successes, and challenges with their mentee.

  • answer questions about uncertainties about things such as navigating your career, government, the interview process, or leadership skills.


What are the benefits of mentoring?

  • Mentoring is an important aspect of career development and how we can continue to build and support relationships within the department.

  • Mentorship benefits both mentors and mentees on an individual level – and it also benefits the organization. Having a mentor provides a different path to ask questions, gain insights, and build connections.

  • Being a mentor provides a way of self-reflecting, seeing through someone else’s eyes, and giving back. For both mentees and mentors, new connections and relationship are formed.


Who can participate as a mentee?

  • All newly graduated Black women in Atlantic Canada are invited to apply to be a mentee.

  • If you are interested in being mentored, you can apply using our application form.  


Who can participate as a mentor?

  • Senior leaders in all industries/fields/sectors are eligible and encouraged to apply. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you can apply using our application form.


How will the matching process work?

  • Black Girls Gather will manage the process of matching mentors and mentees based on the information submitted through the application process. Matches will be recommended based on alignments between the goals identified by both candidates.


When will this round of the Program start?

  • The Program is scheduled to begin in September 2023.


Do I have to accept a match?

  • Black Girls Gather will be matching mentors and mentees based on several elements, including the alignment between the goals and skills identified by participants.

  • You are encouraged to finalize the mentorship relationship during the first meeting. This is the opportunity for the mentor and the mentee to determine if the match is suitable. It is important that both parties feel the relationship is compatible and that the goals, availability, and communication styles of both parties are well matched.


What if the relationship is not working?

  • Most mentorship relationships end naturally as mentees learn from their mentors and accomplish their goals. In some cases, a mentorship relationship will need to end sooner than planned. This can occur for many reasons, including scheduling conflicts.

  • If a mentor and mentee are no longer compatible, Black Girls Gather will help determine next steps.


Who do I contact if I have a question about Mentorship?

  • The Black Girls Gather Team are here to help you throughout the process at


If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today.

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